Our food


At Bark & Brisket we take care and we take our time. Our pulled pork can take up to 14 hours to prepare to perfection and our prime slabs of brisket are marinated slowly in a secret rub before they’re slathered in glaze so the smoker can do its thing.
Our garnishes and sides are as fresh and tasty as they come. Always dressed to impress, from our own special take on Mac 'n' Cheese, to our spicy salsas and colourful, seasonal salads - there’s really no room for compromise.


Take our Bark & Brisket stack for example. We start with a toasted brioche bun smeared with yellow mustard. Then comes a dollop of fresh citrusy truffle-infused ‘slaw and mounds of mouth-watering pulled pork. The pork gets a generous coating of our homemade sticky honey & bourbon BBQ sauce before a slice of gooey Swiss cheese is added. On top go gherkins, tomato and the other half of the brioche bun. A skewer of twice-cooked burnt-ends finishes things off nicely - and that’s what we call a Bark & Brisket experience.